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Mary Jane has always been in the business of helping others. Prior to earning her Masters degree in Community Psychology she provided personal care and support at  Operation PAR, Pinellas County Jail, and Suncoast Hospice.  she tries to build connections with people.     

Listening to your needs and what concerns you may have, creating ways to help you, and leave you feeling better is her goal.   



Mary Jane is the author of five books   with a new one in the works. Her books focus on topics of grief, loss, stress, life changes and stress and encourage self-care . 

Public speaking, support groups and workshops in the community are opportunities for Mary Jane to share her knowledge with others and to help those in need. 

Grief-Stress- and Self Care


Self Compassion

The world of today is filled with loss, change and stress. Who ever created the phrase "Suffer in Silence" must have done just that. Suffered alone with no support from others.    


 As caring humans we are quick to help family, friends and others when they are in need. But what about self-compassion and personal emotional care? Caring for ourselves is often overlooked by caregivers, but also by those grieving or feeling stressed.  

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Public Speaking

 Mary Jane joined Toastmasters in 2015 with the goal of sharing her message of self-care with others. Completing her Advanced Gold in Communication gave her the skills to begin providing presentations, support groups and workshops in the care communities within Pinellas County Florida.  Mary Jane would be happy to meet with you to discuss a presentation, create a support group or offer a workshop.  

Books by Mary Jane

November Mourning



Twenty years ago  Mary Jane's son was killed. Travel with her through the stages of grief and the emotions of loss. Learn the ways she began to heal and help others who have lost someone special to them. 

Mary Jane has spoken at The Compassionate Friends conferences and Bereaved Parents of the USA about child loss. 

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Writing Through your Grief


 Writing Through your Grief is a guidebook for those who have lost a loved one. Writing prompts and interactive questions allow the reader to bring their inward emotions to  the surface and to paper. Chapters include writing about your history of loss, your loved one and self-care while healing.   

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A Caregiver's Connection



People are living longer these days. The result is often "longer not better" with illness and limitations requiring a caregiver to step in and help with their care. 

The  description of that caregiver is often a family member taking on this role with little or no training.   Providing these services while working themselves, caregiver's may neglect their own care. A Caregiver's Connection offers resources, writing prompts and self care for the caregivers. 

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Unexpected Change


 People fear change, resist it, and even try to avoid it from happening. Change however, is a natural part of life and everyone faces it at one time or another. We begin to accept change when we have control of it. Change can even be a positive thing. Changing our needs or interests in clothing, music, or dining choices can be considered being “adventurous.” In Unexpected Change you will learn the factors that determine our response to inevitable changes and what you can do immediately and in the future to  accept and adapt to change with more joy and a  positive outlook.  

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Growing Through Illness Together


 When someone we love is given a life-threatening diagnosis, emotions and worried thoughts can run rampant. Fear of what to say and how to feel can result in miss-understandings and hurt feelings.Growing Through Illness Together was written to help the reader and their loved one work together to improve coping and communication skills.  

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Tied in Knots - Five Steps to Unraveling Stress


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