November Mourning


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Having recently had the opportunity to review Mary Cronin’s book, November Mourning, it can be noted that the content of this book is very heart-warming and truly expresses the feelings Mary had with the loss of a child. Mary not only portrays the death of her son, Jeremy, but it also reflects her true feelings toward her other children. It is not easy to understand how one must go on and continue to express love not only to other family members, but to all those who surround her. 

Mary just had to write about this. This is the way she was able to grasp an understanding of why this happened. It is very difficult to deal with the loss of a child under any circumstances, but the murder of one’s child is much more difficult to comprehend. 

This book is truly recommended to be read by all those who have lost a child and their families.

Jimmy Johnson

Mayor of City of Seminole, FL

Writing Through your Grief and Unexpected Change Duo


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 Writing Through your tears is a guidebook to help you through a loss. Losing someone you love is difficult. Trying to continue in a world without them is even more difficult. Writing Through your Grief offers you an opportunity to reflect on your time together, your emotions and the way you have dealt with grief in the past. Through the writing prompts, you will share stories, and learn about the healing process. 


Losing someone you love tragically can shake your world to the core. Unexpected Change offers steps to take following a change including breathing and journaling. The book also includes  suggestions to find calmness and acceptance once more.  


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