Alice J Wisler


I've the opportunity to facilitate a grief-writing workshop with Mary as well as read her books. Mary has the gift to be thorough and gentle as she presents writing ideas and exercises. She knows the pain of loss and guides others in their journey of grief with dedication and genuine concern.

Alice J. Wisler


Nate C

 Mary is the kind of person with upmost integrity and compassion. She always has a smile on her face and just brightens up any room. Thank you for all you do in the community. 


Adriane Evert-Allegri

 Mary Cronin is an inspirational, caring and compassionate counselor. Her calm approach to each individual’s specific needs in the moment is truly soothing. As wonderful as she is as a counselor, she is also a terrific speaker. She brings her caring and compassion to the groups she speaks to, while leaving them with inspiring messages to take with them throughout the day and beyond. She has spoken for me at The Palms of Largo many times and the reviews are always outstanding!  

 Harriet Hodgson

Whether you’re a new or established family caregiver, you will benefit from Mary Jane Cronin’s guidebook, A Caregiver’s Connection. Cronin, who is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, helps you examine key caregiving issues: caregiving as an art, writing about your journey, sharing stories, exploring feelings, personal health, and caregiving resources. While kindness and caring are underlying themes of Cronin’s book, her “you can do it approach” is also a theme. With Cronin’s insight and help, you CAN do it, and become a more skillful caregiver. As she writes, “Holding someone’s hand, pulling the chair closer to the bed, putting everything else aside—that’s the heart of being a caregiver for someone you love.”